Dirilis Season 1 Episode 2 with Urdu Dubbing

Salam viewers! Here is the Dirilis Season 1 Episode 2 with Urdu Dubbing.

The man is a trader. The crusaders must be from Antioch Countship. Knights don’t freely transport captives in the Seljuk territory. Well? What I mean is, the Seljuks must know about these prisoners. There were no Seljuk soldiers with them. Sooner or later, the kind of trouble you called will be revealed, Ertugrul. What should have I done, brother? Turn my back and leave? Ask. Turgut’s sweetheart. I wanted to ask whether you need anything or not. Thank you.-We has been a big burden on you.-Don’t say that. Bambi Beyrek and Dogan are preparing their tent for you, you can stay there tonight.I……should stay with my father. Rest a bit tonight. You look very tired. Don’t worry, I will stay with your father. Bey, how did you let the boil get so big? We carry so many problems on our backs, Hayme.

Will we be afraid of one this small? If you had crushed its head when it was
small, it would have been long gone. The jackals used to live in the mountains, now they are inside our tribe. They wait for my slightest mistake to attack. I hide it so that they don’t know about my weakness. It is better to bite your lip and sit with pain rather than giving them something to talk about. At least, you should have told Akcakoca. I did, woman, I did. He is preparing an ointment to cure me. We will put in on at night if God permits. What happened? Are you thinking about our guests? I don’t know what kind of a smoky candle this wick has lit. Did you wear it? Yes. How is it? It is beautiful, Aykiz.Let me see.

No. I just found it strange for you to say that. When you were at the point of falling, did you know that it would come to this? Whether you would be facing hose infidel bandits or that said commander being allied with the crusaders? But you have closed your eyes turned your back to the cries of that gazelle eyed beauty?-How could I, mother? You could not. But You would not, my son. You could not. So You couldn’t have known that it would come to this when you went hunting that you would be throwing the whole tribe into the fire with yourself. You threw us in. Yes, you did. The fire can so burn a dough and turn it into ash or it may cook the dough into bread. or transform into bread.

But to the presumptuous people inside the tribe. Become a soldier of our customs and stand strong behind your father’s decisions. May God never take you, army father, away from leading us. May God protect you, my son. Come on, Then take this water and put it to your father’s side. I brought you water, father. Give me some. I should have been there instead of you. I will fight until the blood of the ones who did this to you is dried up. So I will fight until the last one of them is in a grave. I promise you. Forgive me, father. That was it, Ilyas Fakih. I didn’t know how to interpret this dream. But a lump of the fire has been burning inside me since last night. There are two options, Bey. The first one is, hard times await us.

So don listens to those whispers inside you The second is this may be a spiritual order on who will be your successor? You look so beautiful. What happened? Did I say something wrong?

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