Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 | Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Salaam viewers! Here is the Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 of Season 1 with Urdu subtitles. Filinta Mustafa is a series upon an ottoman spy. This series is created by Osman Kaya. We hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you so much! Also, watch Filinta Mustafa Episode 2

I take you are that renowned Filinta Mustafa! Which cur’s thug are you? Not that fast Sinan the Ditch, see we’ve brought Filinta Mustafa. Where is our reward? Abdul! But Could only set this much of reward on Filinta Mustafa? Whatever Abdul wills! Flinta Mustafa, Abdul has sent word about you all across Istanbul. Then Dead or alive. He’ll do a big favor for whoever brings him in. It seems it was granted to these fellows. Abdul rejoiced when he heard about your abduction. We’re going to have some good times together. Isn’t Abdul here? He backed down from coming at the last moment. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to kill you. He won’t come? None of your business! You said Abdul will come. I told you we wouldn’t come. But What are you guys talking about? So Abdul may come as he wills, that’s not your concern.

Excuse us, Mustafa, we’ve beaten you up for nothing. You must be angry with me. Since Abdul is not here. He’s not. Then you’ll spit out where the munitions are. He will. How he will do you know about the munitions? So You know those munitions you were about to transfer to Rumelia for the revolt. We were thinking we would extract then along with Abdul. Then it wasn’t meant to be. Who the hell are you? Galata gendarmerie! You’re under arrest. So I trust you have come with good news. Cadi Efendi. Cadi Efendi. So, have you been able to find Abdul? I see. Very well, have you shackled man for investigation? For God’s sake, boys. Why didn’t you leave at least one alive for information? Tell me! Sir, believe me, those men chose death over the interrogation. Oh?

So They die and Abdul slips out of your hands like some wiggly fish. Look here boys. So We must find Abdul. He is not a mere criminal. But He’s got the big fish behind him. If we get Abdul, the rest will be quick and easy. So The munitions shipments to Rumelia will stop. The whole region can find peace. Did you get that? Yes, sir. Yes, Cadi Efendi. Let’s talk about the other matter. His Highness, the Sultan received a letter earlier today. Guess who. A personal letter of thanks from the British Royal Family. So His Highness, the Sultan has ordered a medal ceremony in your name. Why bother, sir? You’ve deserved this son, well deserved. His Highness, the Sultan gives deserves what they deserve. But You are not stringing these two along, right? No, Cadi Efendi. Good. Good. Ali, cover those knives up!

You look more like a butcher than a field marshal. Don’t you follow in our footsteps, okay? It’s time, Mustafa. Son. Arrogance resembles a rock fastened around the waist. You can neither swim with it nor fly with it. I understand. Come now. Esat Pasha, So I hope everything’s alright. Have you taken the wrong place? Minister, sir, I apologize. I was absent-minded. I took this place since it was empty. An error in the protocol is unforgivable. An officer must first learn the ceremonial protocols. Since it is essential to respect the elders according to our traditions. Then Acquaint yourself with this is an instant. You are right, Minister, sir. Please accept my apologies. Field Marshal Mustafa. You have been deemed worthy of this medal of justice by our Sultan himself as a result of your efforts and success in Istanbul.

But Making the Ottoman Empire proud by teaching the bases of our investigation methods. Then I received this letter of thanks from the British and for your achievements. Filinta season 1 episode 1. It is translated by Mubi TV ( in Urdu. All credits of translation and editing goes to them. Also watch Yunus Emre complete two seasons. Click on the link to watch. Thank you very much!