Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman is an Ottoman historical, adventure drama series which is airing on TRT 1. It is Turkish public channel. This drama is about the life of Osman Gazi. His struggle, his victories and the foundation of great Ottoman Empire. Ertugrul bey was sick and treated in Konya. In Kayi tribe, the younger brother of Ertugrurl Gazi, son of Suleyman Shah Dundar was head. He has two sons. They were Batur and Bahadir. His daughter was Ayegul who was felt in love with Osman. Dundar`s wife Zuhra was not a good lady. On the other side, Osman love Bala Hatun and she also love him. Bala Hatun was the daughter of Sheikh Edabali. Dundar bey was not a brave man. But Osman his soldiers were not afraid to anyone. The policies of Dundar was not good but he was tribal head. On these lands, Mongols appointed their man who was Alishar Bey. He was a Muslim but he was not fair. There were Byzantines near Kayi tribe. The wife of Governor killed him and his father Yanis become the governor of castle Kumluchaisar.