Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

Hello viewers! Here is the second season of Payitaht Abdulhamid. It will be uploaded with Urdu Subtitles. We are proudly uploading it in HD quality. You can watch it on our website free of cost. In season one, there was twenty six bolums (episodes). They were uploaded with Urdu dubbing. They were also in HD quality. Now, thw second season is started in Pakistan. Season one was dubbed and on aired by a Pakistani private TV channel Bol entertainment. Now, season two is not dubbing but a Pakistani brand is subtitling it. In Pakistan, it is subtitles in Urdu and edited by a private brand UrduBolo ( All credits of subtitles goes to UrduBolo. We are just uploading it for our viewers and audience. As they publish their episode, we will upload it for our audience.

The story of this drama serial is revolving around the Ottoman Empire and its thirty fourth caliph Sultan Abdulhamid II. He was son of Sultan Abdulmecid (Abdulmajeed) and Tirimujgan Kadine. He was born in Constantinople (present day Istanbul, Turkey). He was last Sultan of Ottoman Empire which have power. Sultan Abdulhamid II ruled Ottoman Empire for almost thirty two years until he was deposed shortly after 1908. He was a faithful Muslim. In his era, Ottoman army fought wars against Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Greece. He was died at the age of seventy five on tenth of February 1918. Turk people remember him in good words and respect.