Team 1 with Urdu Dubbing

Turkish drama Ekip 1 started in Pakistan as Team 1. Turkish Serials Urdu is uploading it for our viewers. Because it is the most requested drama serial. Our viewers can watch it with Urdu Dubbing. A private Pakistani channel SEE TV dubbed it in Urdu. We hope that you will enjoy it.

Team 1 is a special Turkish military force, which defeated many terrorists and organizations which are spreading and promoting terrorism in the country. This force is a very professional military force. They complete many missions in their country, Syria, etc. The main character of this drama is Akif Amir or Akif Emir the leader of this force. Before Akif Amir, the team leader was Salih. But he became a martyr in an operation against terrorists. Akif Amir is a brave and faithful man. He lead the team in a good way and defeated various enemies.