Yunus Emre Episode 43 with Urdu Subtitles

Salaam viewers! Here is the Yunus Emre Episode 43 of Season 1 with Urdu subtitles. Yunus was a Turkish people artist and Sufi spiritualist who enormously affected Turkish culture. This series is created by Mehmet Bozdag. We hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you so much! Also, watch Yunus Emre Episode 42

Saints do not say it intemperately. They say the truth is blind and crippled. Actually, the people are with Kasim Efendi. Peace be with you, brothers. Peace be upon you, Yunus Efendi. You are early today Yunus Efendi. I had to be, brother. Is our Sheikh in this place? Yes, he is. Of course, we give it up to you. The thing that drops into the lake is not ours. It belongs to nature. But the right to providence is ours, of course. We give it up to you. But we have a condition. If she accepts I have a blind, deaf and crippled daughter. I want you to marry her. We thought our Sheikh had one daughter. I didn’t know there was another. However, our Sheikh spoke wittily. Of course, his only daughter is Sister Sultan. He said she is blind because she does not look at evil.

She is deaf. Because she does not hear sins. She is crippled. Because she does not walk on the unrighteous road. Oh God, until now I regret believing the enemies of Islam I believed the wrong things. But I regret that I said wrong, sinful things. I regret what I heard, saw, and wanted. I decided not to think or do that again. The first prophet is Adam and the last one is our dear prophet Mohammad Mustafa Efendi. I believe both of these prophets and I believe all the prophets between them. All of them are right. All of them are faithful. And what they know is true. I believe in God. I believe in the advice that comes from God. So I believe God can do whatever He wants. I believe the prophet, Mohammad. But I believe the advice that comes from prophet Mohammad.

I believe the request and will of prophet Mohammad. And I believe in God. I believe in angels. So I believe the holy books. I believe the prophets. So I believe the day of judgment. I believe in destiny. And I believe in the fortune and malice of destiny. But I believe in the query and trial post mortem. I witness that God is the only god. And prophets are the serfs and messengers of God. Oh God, I want to renew my faith. And I want to renew my wedding. Allah is the only god and prophets are the serfs and messengers of God. With the commandment of God as my husband. Do you accept it? I do. Do you accept it? I do. With the commandment of God with the model behavior of our prophet with the opinion of our imam Imami Azam Ebu Hanife and with.

The testimony of the Muslims here do you accept Sister Sultan, the daughter of Tapduk Emre as your wife? My Sheikh. All I have is a coat. And I released it to the water. All I can give is love. Dear Yunus. I am entrusting you with my pure daughter, my secret. Of course, she is me and I am her. Take care of her. Warm the cockles of her heart. Know that, if you upset her, you will upset me too. My dear daughter, I am entrusting you with my step-son whom I raised with love and wisdom. He is me. I am him. Take care of him. May the generations that will come from you be equipped with the secret of guardianship. May your feet be in comfort may your heart be bright and your night shines with the light of the full moon.

Is there an apple tree by the lake? Yes. There are apple gardens on the upper slope. Whose garden is it? Who owns it? It belongs to the dervish lodge, Efendi. The dervish lodge of Tapduk Emre. In this respect, its owner must be our Sheikh. Yes, it is. Yes, it is. I forgot. Thank you. God. It is too crowded. Most of the brothers must be initiates of Kasim Efendi. So if the way of God reigns the way the world turns must be good. It becomes gossip, Ali Taygu Efendi. Of course, we know your reasons, but it becomes gossip.