Yunus Emre Episode 35 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Yunus Emre Episode 35
Yunus Emre Episode 35
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Salaam viewers! Here is the Yunus Emre Episode 35 of Season 1 with Urdu subtitles. Yunus was a Turkish people artist and Sufi spiritualist who enormously affected Turkish culture. This series is created by Mehmet Bozdag. We hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you so much! Also, watch Yunus Emre Episode 34

If I would, I would say so. I am saying this because it is true. Yunus Agha is saddened in vain, then. Yunus Agha is saddened? If he was not, then why would he leave the lodge when they were here for you? He was soaking wet and he is sick now. He says no not to me but to you. Do you not see it? He speaks to the owner of a dog of course. Judging by the answer, he does not respect the owner as much as the dog! Master, Master, Master! We obviously could not teach manners to your tongue. Master! I would not leave it to Yellow the next time. Know this! Master, let’s go out. Come on, sire. I know you do not like me much, Yunus Efendi. You have every right. What happened between us is clearly unpleasant. So What is done is done.

What is dead is dead. Do you write poems? I do not. You are the poet. You do not write but speak, then. Is a poem to be written only? Can speak not be a poem too? I would like to talk for sure. But I came here to thank you before I leave. Where do you leave? All I know is I should leave this villa. Immediately. Son of Chandar does not threaten in vain. He does, I know. Even if you are his son. Do you have anywhere to go? Permission, Sheikh. Come, Kasim, come. Efendi, why do you trouble yourself? You tire yourself with mundane chores. Who says cleaning is mundane? Welcome, Yunus. Well received, Sheikh. You are welcome too, Master Shahin. Well received, Sheikh. No need. You have the same hand, too. Master Shahin is in need of someplace to lay his head, Sheikh.

Do we have an empty cell or a mattress for our guest, Kasim? Of course, Shiekh. Show him, then. Is he a stranger? He is your uncle’s son. Excuse me, Efendi. Does your Master happen to know about this, Yunus Efendi? No, Sheikh. Good. You go and rest, Master Shahin. We say our door is open to anyone. Is a master’s son any exception? Does not matter if one is a master’s son or some poor Adem’s son. There is a place for a comer and away for a leaver. Hurry up, Jamia is gathered. We go into Jamia. If your coat is not proper then it is a shame on you. Why would it be? It is not about the coat. It is about the man inside. Of course but, we know what it takes to be a dervish, Yunus Agha. I do not know what it takes.

Can you tell me? It takes so many things but first and the most important is the coat and the cap. You think so? Am I not true? Is it not about the coat and the cap? Say you are in a foreign land market. How do people tell you are a dervish? From your coat of course. Who told you all this? Adem Efendi told me. Why do you get angry? Not with you. Then with who? Do not be late for prayer. The intention, which is the desire, is hidden from the will. Intention knows the will but will do not know the intention. Then with his whole will whatever the Creator lets it to be or not to be is consistent with the will itself. We should not be confused. If in someplace you go, someone says I am superior to you.

You would not leave that giant villa for this two-bedroom house, would you? So If I were to marry him, then you would be right. But I will not. Swear to me! You do not swear in vain.

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