Yunus Emre Episode 36 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Yunus Emre Episode 36
Yunus Emre Episode 36
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Salaam viewers! Here is the Yunus Emre Episode 36 of Season 1 with Urdu subtitles. Yunus was a Turkish people artist and Sufi spiritualist who enormously affected Turkish culture. This series is created by Mehmet Bozdag. We hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you so much! Also, watch Yunus Emre Episode 35

In order not to say I wish, we need to navigate our hand, our tongue towards the truth. Many people think you need to stop living as you want and become ascetic. No, this is wrong. Do things that you will not forget. Do not worry about the rest. When the King of Britain tries to unite the force of the Crusaders we will hear of it. Let them unite, Sheik. Caravans are coming from Aleppo Sultan Baybars provided an army of a hundred thousand men in Akka. Our Sultan Kilicharslan is regulating the army. The Crusader army will move from Tunisia. The Crusader atheists are also waiting and intend to bring the fighters of Sultan Baybars and the soldiers of Seljuk to war. A heretic wants this, Sheik? They are impertinent, even in the bazaar why it is that necessary while the country faces such financial difficulty?

What have Aleppo or Akka to do with us what do we do in Jerusalem, as they say? So, excuse us. You have permission. Gungor Effendi, do not we have anything to offer our guests? Besides, Kasim Effendi, we can also go. How can you offer this, Sage? Bring fresh fruits. Do not bother. Let’s get on the road, but slowly. So The guest has the last word, not the owner. Well, let us just walk together. Come, Master judge. If God wills it. Have a good night together. Have a good night. Come to the office too, Yunus Effendi. If God wills it, Master judge, if God wills it. Go ahead, Master judge, go ahead. We do not drink wine, Shahin Effendi. Did Yunus drink it? If you’ll excuse me I want to here stay in your Lodge.

Is the Lodge ours, Shahin Agha? If we live, we do not live as long as we live. Let us say that it is just for a breath you say that we will serve in another 20 years. By the grace of God. How do we give permission for that which is not ours, Shahin Agha? The places of arrival and of departure are ready. Who wants to stay can stay, who wants to leave can go. Of course, we do not, but you are the son of a monsieur, Shahin Agha. Your father does not know about this. Maybe he has different ideas about you. Let it be, my father can think what he wants. Let me do what I want, Sheik. Good, then. We will not tell an adult what or how he should do things. I have something to talk to you about.

You do not need to stay away from our father when I am here. When you are here, but when you are not here it is the same thing we stay away from, Shahin Agha. Do not be overly concerned about it. Permission, Sheik. Come, Yunus, come. We had a chat with Sahin Agha. If you will excuse me. Yunus Effendi is in the presence of the Sheik. We thought he was available but no. Well then. Make your own decisions, Yunus. You are the one who carries out that duty, it should be your decision to leave or not. First, we’ll go to the moneychanger and then to the cloth trader. My dear mother. Zahid. We were shopping. What about you, my mother? We went to the adopted maid with your Sister Fatma. Sister Gulsum has been sick for a long time now. I will wait for you.

There is nothing like the water from our river Yellow. It is like Adam’s wine, not water. I hope he can do it, Shahin. So I delivered the wine-jugs myself, monsieur. So If there was something wrong he would let us know. We told him to do his job, come in the morning unobtrusively. I hope in the morning we will hear good news from him. If God wills it, my sire.

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