Yunus Emre Episode 37 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Yunus Emre Episode 37
Yunus Emre Episode 37
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Salaam viewers! Here is the Yunus Emre Episode 37 of Season 1 with Urdu subtitles. Yunus was a Turkish people artist and Sufi spiritualist who enormously affected Turkish culture. This series is created by Mehmet Bozdag. We hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you so much! Also, watch Yunus Emre Episode 37

If there is no need for prayer, do you describe a dervish who is without prayer to the people? But If you do not return from blasphemy and continue willingly then that is being irreligious. If you want to be irreligious, it is called irreligious! We have not opened our eyes to this lodge yesterday, Effendi! Whatever the truth is, our tongue tells it relentlessly. Maybe you do not do so, but we fight for the truth, Yunus Effendi. You may not have heard, but our case is to win the people, Yunus Effendi. With fighting can the truth be heard, Kasim Effendi? We did not come to fight. Did I wake you? Forgive me. Go back to sleep. What is going on, Yunus Agha? Nothing. You sleep. Is there a fight, or am I hearing things in my dream? They want us to know enough.

Somewhere, of course, there are some who are fighting for something. Do you describe a dervish who is an unbeliever and without prayer to the people? So If you do not return from blasphemy and continue willingly then that is being irreligious. But If you want to be irreligious, it is called irreligious!! Here is Nefs-i Levvame’s part. His name is Celal. Your invocation is God. The invocation of God is obligatory. It should always be on your tongue. Estagfurullah, astaghfirullah, estagfurullah! What exactly did Yunus Effendi say to you do you remember Adem Effendi? He said ablution and prayer of someone are unacceptable if he knowingly breaks a heart. I swear I did not understand the point of Kasim Ali Taygu Effendi. Because of me, Yunus Effendi heard harsh words from Kasim Effendi. It should not have been saying of course.

Of course, that should not be said rashly, Gungor Effendi. But how do we know that Kasim Effendi spoke rashly? Adem said that was not the case. Are we taking sides here dervishes? Yunus Effendi is our dervish but Kasim Effendi is also our dervish. But we know Kasim Effendi doesn’t make any concessions about spiritual subjects. He knows but it is not necessary to argue about what he said. How do you feel dervishes? Thank you, Kasim Effendi. Our Sheikh is in peace? Yes. Yesterday an incident happened yesterday evening. Well, there is chatter, talk we need to know that as dervishes our words are not to be our personal convictions it is our law. We do not have any bad faith in that regard. Are they harboring ill-will against us if they are, we do not know, what they can do?

Make way, dear Shaikh! Come to Kasim. Come in Yunus Effendi. It is good that you are here too. While covering the wall of the lodge Kasim there was no stone to cover that wall here. Is stone scarce? Yes. Verified, Here you are, like a bad curtain, of course, it will not happen without a wall. We came by hinny to Akdag with hammers on our shoulders we came to Akdag everything loaded on the hinny. I will say that the slimness of the walls of our lodge will make sound resound when dervishes celebrate here. Come on Kasim, what will you tell us? What am I to say, Sheikh? Well, you know what we do. How do we know? We said that the walls of the lodge are slim but we did not say that our ears heard anything. Far be it from me. I did not complain.

Our Sheikh also interprets it that way. Now, in your presence do we destroy the pillar of religion by repeating the versicle? Do we become apostates by repeating the versicle? It is certain who we will learn fiqh and dervish from. We are not to learn from you what our Sheikh means and says. Using the teachings of our sheikh to convince superstitions is not suitable. Using the truth for the crooked must be a separate sin! What do you say at the end of the speech Yunus Effendi? He said that he is an irreligious person.

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