Yunus Emre Episode 39 with Urdu Subtitles | Season 2

Yunus Emre Episode 39
Yunus Emre Episode 39
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Salaam viewers! Here is the Yunus Emre Episode 39 of Season 1 with Urdu subtitles. Yunus was a Turkish people artist and Sufi spiritualist who enormously affected Turkish culture. This series is created by Mehmet Bozdag. We hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you so much! Also, watch Yunus Emre Episode 39

After you know who they are When the incident happened the guard who personally witnessed the incident is in your presence, Your Highness. On what purpose do you claim that Sheikh has done sorcery, Agha? My Agha was on the horse. Before the horse was scared, Sheikh had looked at the horse and I saw him read something and blew to it. Immediately Agha’s that docile horse was gone, instead, a rabid animal comes. It went crazy and went to the mountains, with my Agha. But Do you have an objection against Guard’s claim that you caused Xanthous Agha’s death by scaring his horse by the magic, Sheikh Efendi? I can not make people listen to me, Cadi Efendi. How can I make animals listen to me? So Do not make sleight of mouth, Sheikh Efendi. Give me your defence. But Do you deny the existence of magic and sorcery?

they learned what would open up between husband and wife. The magicians are without God’s permission they could not harm anyone with their learning. Again, those who prefer magic in the afterlife do not know that they will have nothing? The magic and sorcery that they received while they were selling themselves how bad it was I wish they have known. Now this one and more explicit verses of the Koran… and despite what is described in The Book not believing in magic and sorcery is not to believe in The Book. Cadi, we are not here to listen to the lesson of Sheikh Efendi about Qur’anic verses. It hangs on the wall of all of us, the Qur’an. It is not hanging on our walls, Argun. Because we are illiterate, it hangs in our minds. Sheikh Efendi, Son of Chandra Argun supports his claim with the witness.

So If you know the truth of magic and sorcery with the examples from the Qur’an then what is your defense? La ilaha illallah! “La ilaha illallah” I do not have any other defense, Cadi Efendi. But The crime you charged me is obviously polytheism and curse. The answer to the curse is obvious. Cadi Efendi I am even witnessing the event. It is not my intention to accuse The Guard of lying here, but it is not true. The horse was sad. He read and blew to the animal, Your Highness I have seen it myself. Then I have not done it, he says I did it. So Only one witness remains at that time. Call the horse, Cadi Efendi. I would invite you to be serious, Sheikh Efendi. But You are in the presence of justice.

The law hears the speakers, not those who can not speak. Certainly, it does not talk, but like the Aghas here it does not lie, either. So, surely there are grooms who understand his language. Call the horse and ask him. What I did to him, he would not lie. Cadi, if you allow Sheikh Efendi to mock with the participants and the justice we will abandon this hearing! Sheikh Efendi, I will warn you one last time. You will have to leave next time. I do not want to come, Cadi Efendi. Peace be upon you. And upon you. Peace be upon you. Master Adem, where is Ismail? I have left him with Brother Veli, Yunus Efendi. How do I stay in the dervish lodge while my Sheikh is here? My Lady Mother, please come to the dervish lodge. We are dealing with this.

Other than to tell the truth, I will not defend myself with anything else, Cadi Efendi. So If a lesson is talking about the truth someone who wishes can take it from the ant someone who does not wish cannot take it from all the books in-universe. We will ask who they are to Kasim Efendi.

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